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this is going to be somewhat of a random, maybe meaningless post, but i feel the sudden urge to validate my love for video games.

granted, i haven’t played as many as i should have, and there are still so many titles i have yet to experience

anyway. video games to me, very much like cartoons, are very dear to me. they were both pretty much my gateway into art. i felt inspired to draw from watching and playing them. however, i’ll save a post for cartoons another day. 

video games. to many people, they’re meaningless and a waste of time. while the latter might be true in some cases, the previous is far from true. video games are a form of interactive art. they’re engaging. they’re provocative. however, the complexity and craftsmanship varies from game to game. i think of them the way some people might view street art. there are sloppy tags by amateur graffiti artists and there are exuberant wall murals. while some people might judge and compare the two, there is still a deep meaning connected behind them. the sloppy tag might be a form of self-recognition, a way to feel acknowledged. the wall mural might be an expression of social reform or abstract self-reflection. either way, the viewer or participant is pushed into feeling a way and might even connect with the piece of art. one might even leave with information newly gathered.

video games do just that for me and probably more. video games engage me, especially titles with heavy story lines and strong character development. the artistic appeal only adds onto my love for this medium. i feel connected. i am able to walk in another person’s shoes and live in fantasy. in a way, i feel comforted, especially in those titles that impart some sort of needed wisdom and encouragement. video games can fill in the absence left by other people.

i don’t think i’ll ever give up video games. i’ll probably be a grandfather and still pick up a (in the future) vintage handheld game or take a crack at the crazy virtual reality games they’ll come out with. I think along with those reasons, there’s a strong sense of nostalgia attached to them for me. I basically grew up with a Nintendo controller in my hands in front of the huge tube television playing Bubble Bobble or Battletoads to holding an original Gameboy with a Pokemon cartridge inserted inside of it. I think a part of me always wants to revisit that feeling, that sense of wonder and excitement I felt when I was young.